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We are a process-oriented, creative, energetic growth agency.  We focus on your buyer's journey which includes marketing, sales, and customer service.  Your team, customers, and prospects are at the center of our promise to help you to Future Proof your organization. 

Our multi-channel approach aligns teams to common goals and practices that drive positive and sustainable growth. 

Our goal is to ensure that each of our clients receives the highest level of service derived from experience, processes, smart tech, and the HUMAN methodology.

"Managing metrics and the science of business are critical to success. Yet, experience has taught me that service and compassion to others are what truly drives sustained results.” 

— Tim Rohling, Founder & President

How we work


Delivering a Customized Experience. 

We meet you where you are with flexible tools and paths tailored to your unique goals.

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Through our Growth Assessment we can determine where you are so that we can help you get to where you want to be.

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It is About You, Your Team, Customers & Prospects

We work to protect your business from the risks of reactive growth activity by building proactive processes to achieve a higher level of success than previously imagined.

We help you to establish sustainable growth by establishing best practices and forming the foundations for scale.

We help establish, teach and implement better sales activities through smart technologies, processes & The HUMAN method.

We meet you where you are with flexible tools and paths tailored to your unique goals.

No matter what size company, complacency kills sales potential.  That's why we help companies shift their mindset to proactive versus reactive sales approach.

With a holistic approach we align the Marketing, Sales & Operations teams to common goals & practices to drive positive and sustainable growth.

Marketing Strategy & Management

Define your target buyer and work to engage. Let's design, implement and manage a Marketing Strategy that works for you. Right message at the right time in the right place.
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Sales Strategy, Management & Coaching

Drive more effective sales activity through smart technologies, process improvements and the HUMAN method for Sales Management.
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Customer Service Process & Management

You work hard to find, engage and nurture your clients. Let's design, implement and manage a Customer Service process that delights your customers.
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Supporting Spine Research

Tim established the Tim and Tricia Rohling Family Spark Grant in Spine Health through the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation. Rohling, LLC donates a portion of revenue to the spark grant. The goal is to provide seed funding to a researcher looking to improve the treatment of spinal disorders.


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